Real Estate Settlement Services

Director: Kathy Schroeder
Telephone: 412-258-1446
Fax: 412-471-1768

Legal Representation

Our firm regularly represents buyers and sellers in both commercial and residential real estate transactions. We represent landowners and developers in zoning matters and tax assessment appeals. We are licensed title insurance agents and are able to prepare any necessary loan documentation. Whether commercial or residential real estate, we are able to assist you in the following:
  • Drafting and review of purchase agreements, agreements of sale, and lease agreements
  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements for commercial leasing
  • Title searches and title opinions required by lenders for property sales
  • Representation for home buyers, sellers, or mortgage companies at real estate closings for commercial or residential real estate
  • Representation of builders, home buyers, or developers in construction disputes, real estate litigation, and environment law issues
  • Review of negotiation of oil and gas contracts and leases

Pennsylvania Title Insurance

When you purchase residential or commercial real estate, it is crucial to ensure that no previous claims of ownership, unpaid taxes, or court judgments threaten your ownership. To prevent any such issues, we offer title searches, closing services, and title insurance. In addition, we are able to provide realtors, builders, lenders, home buyers, and sellers of property with a full range of title services.